A woman with an extraordinary job…

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This is a photo montage of the images I took while I was working on my in-depth project focussed on gender justice. The main character is Martha Kekana who is an independent correctional centre visitor at Johannesburg Correctional Centre. She works in a difficult male dominated environment but has enough motivation to keep doing her job and being an active and involved mother to her three children and wife to her husband at home.


The more things change the more they stay the same…

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Many of South Africa’s prisons are struggling with maintaining decent living conditions for the inmates they incarcerate. Many of these conditions are synonymous with those that occured during apartheid. The photos I took are at the Old Fort Prison complex which is now Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.

uMama beziboshwa (mother of inmates)

“uMama weziboshwa” which means mother of inmates is about Martha Kekana who is an independent correctional centre visitor acts in the capacity of a mother with the inmates she works with. Her job is to take the complaints of inmates in the male section of Johannesburg correctional centre. This video follows Martha home from work showing what her family life is like.